Tuesday, June 29, 2010

nutty tapenade

I'm in love with this tapenade recipe. Deb's recipe calls for it to be served on lamb chops - I've used lamb loin chops both times I've made it and I love it. D won't eat lamb, so for him I've served it with chicken - either breast or thigh, bashed between wax paper to get an even thickness, seasoned with salt and pepper and then browned for a couple of minutes on either side, then slathered with the tapenade on one side and baked at 350 deg F for about 5 minutes. I prefer the lamb to the chicken; the lamb seems to be better suited to the pistachio nutty saltiness but I won't say no to chicken with this. My only issue with this recipe is the shelling of the pistachios, as I haven't found shelled pistachios in our stores.

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