Saturday, July 3, 2010

boy's summer adventures so far...

Our boy has been playing soccer, here at the turf tot world cup -

had picnics - here at the turf tot world cup (T has the brazilian flag painted on his face)

 and at the park - here is the preschool picnic.

Here are the kids waiting for the pinata to be set up. We went to the farm and fed the bunnies,

pet the goats

and rode on tractors.

We've tended our garden and harvested radishes.

We've done chalk drawings on the patio and played with trains and trucks and dug big holes. We've been to the market and the vegetable man and thrown lots of rocks and now have a bucket full of rocks for our rock collection. And made up a new bath game where mummy throws blue fish into the bathtub and our boy scuba dives for them and throws them back at mummy. "You're doing a great job, Mummy. We're going to win the trophy for this game!" And there has been swimming (and some driving around looking for an open swimming pool) with Auntie Kerry. And there have been a fair number of popsicles eaten.

It all goes better with a friend of course. And we are planning lots more summer adventures.

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