Monday, June 14, 2010

to the lighthouse

With apologies to Virginia Woolf.

Although the rain is tap, tap, tapping against the windown panes tonight, this morning was lovely and sunny. A perfect day for a walk in the woods. And we are so lucky to have this lovely area to walk in, not too far away. So to the woods I went.

I got out my camera to take this picture

 and found this guy sitting on a log.

(I think it is a banana slug - it's huge!)

The park is surrounded by water,

so the soundtrack of a walk in the woods today was the pounding of the surf, the twitter and chirps of birds, the occasional wild wing flaps, the sound of the wind rustling the leaves and once the flapping of sails out on the water.

One of the attractions of the walk is the lighthouse

and I usually stop to climb the rocks that lead to the lighthouse viewpoint but another favorite viewpoint is Jack Pine Point.

I often stop to sit on the rocks and listen to the surf and look out across the sound. Sometimes eagles soar overhead. Along the trails, there are breathtaking views,

towering trees and a variety of flora

and fauna.

And today, after my hike, I stopped for a bite to eat just down the road from our house (in T's favorite park)

- again, we are so lucky to have this so close to us.

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