Sunday, June 13, 2010

tooth fairy mousie

I fell in love with some felt rabbits a while ago when I read this. The idea was so lovely, I ordered Kata Golda's book. Once I got the book, I devoured it. I love so many of the projects and can't wait to make some. And after reading about wool felt, I've been trying to find some. I'm now waiting for my first order to arrive from here. I laughed when the woman (Natalie?) said, "I have to warn you, once you start with wool felt, you can't go back". But until my order comes, hopefully next week, I've been making do with ecofelt, made from recycled beverage bottles (to ease my conscience).

I made a pin cushion

to start with and it made sense to start with something small and that would help me in future projects! So I guess that means I'll also need to make the tool kit, something D would appreciate to help me keep my things organized. My left brain organizing my craft stuff is driving his right brain self crazy!

Then I made a proto-type mouse with a tooth pocket on the front. D thinks the mouse has a sneer and consequently looks grumpy and didn't think that T would want it. I didn't agree. And when I showed it to T this morning, he loved it right away and wanted it put in his bedroom right away (his highest honour!).

I had intended this mouse to be a gift for a new baby so I'll be making more mouses soon!

Today is a drizzly day, perfect for doing felt projects. Although, yesterday was a lovely sunny day and we were able to spend most of the afternoon outside in the garden. After tending to my plants, I was able to bring my sewing outside and sit in the sunshine with my tea, creating the tooth fairy mouse.

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