Saturday, June 5, 2010

bear house

D and I have a collection of bears that live above our bed. Actually D gave me the bears over a period of about 18 months or so - there is Minky (my engagement bear), Jordy ( a Christmas bear), Cuddles ( a valentine's bear), Francis (my wedding bear) and Keighley (my honeymoon bear).

Cuddles, Jordy, Francis, & Minky

Last Saturday, our boy decided that the bears needed a new house. So we constructed a bear house using chairs and blankets. In the dining room. Over the morning the bears moved in along with chick, and then all the trucks that chick could drive until there were so many things in the house, the bears couldn't move. And the house position meant we couldn't get to the dining table. So the house came down.

Our boy still wanted the bears to have their house. So Sunday after a visit to the market (with Cuddles dressed in one of the boy's hoodies), some time at the beach climbing huge logs and finding shells,

and some time at another park playing tag in the grass and sliding down big, red slides, we came home and made a new bear house, in the dining room but off to the side, using chairs and blankets. This time chick did not join the bears in the house so there was lots of room and the house even had a monster truck ramp (aka one of my cutting boards). The shells moved into the house as well, but they have their own room

(or box).

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