Sunday, June 27, 2010

raspberry strawberry oatmeal bars

My first purchase of raspberries this year were a little on the tart side and didn't last very long. We couldn't finish them the night I bought them and by the next day they were looking a bit sad and crumbly so I found this recipe and made bars.

When I measured out the fruit, I only had 1/2 lb of raspberries left so I made up the missing fruit using strawberries. When I mixed up the fruit mixture, the sweet aroma of the combination made me swoon. And mixed with some oatmeal and butter and a touch of cinnamon, how could they go wrong? They didn't. They are delicious and earned me kudos from all who've tried them. I took some as an adult treat for the preschool picnic while the kids got smartie cake (gluten free) and both were a hit.

The bars are awesome as a breakfast treat with tea.

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