Thursday, June 10, 2010


We ate the first strawberry out of our garden yesterday - well, our boy ate most of it and I had a little nibble. Yummy. T was so excited and wanted more strawberries. But when I gave him some of the not so local ones he wasn't impressed. (He usually loves them but they really don't compare...) Then last night I got an email from our local fruit stand to say they were going to open either on Saturday or Monday (well actually the email was from the guy running the fruit stand - I don't think the stand itself actually has email access!) So they are expecting local strawb's to be ready on the weekend - yippee!

I went to check on the progress of some other strawberries in our pot today only to discover that we have a garden thief - one half eaten green fruit lay on the paving stones and bare stalks indicate that the couple of berries that were close to ripe yesterday have been stolen. Slug? Squirrel? Cat? Racoon? Small boy? All are possibilities...I will have to monitor.

As a side note, we had roasted yam pierogi for supper tonight. They are so tender they fell apart in the bowl but they were pretty good served with carmelized onions and sour cream.

So what is ready in your garden? What are you waiting for from the market?

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