Monday, June 14, 2010

market supper

After a drizzly start, yesterday turned out to be a stellar day. We went to the market and found, among other goodies, local strawberries and a big bag of mixed mushrooms. So after running some errands we came home to spend the afternoon in the back yard. Lunch was bagette and cheese followed by sun warmed strawberries. T played in the dirt, making roads with his trucks and then climbed one of the trees. We kept having to go rescue him - he still has to learn the rule, if you go up, you need to make sure you can come down. Auntie Kerry came over and took T to the beach so D and I got a quiet hour in the garden with tea and the remaining strawberries. T came home covered in chocolate ice cream, soaking wet and sandy from running in the water - pure boy joy!

For supper I made French Tomato Tart from the recipe here,

I sauteed the mixed mushrooms in butter and garlic, balsamic vinegar, splash of cream and parmesan cheese

 and made a new nugget potato salad made with diced onion, grainy mustard, dill, sour cream, mayonaise, salt and pepper.

Lots of food so there are lots of leftovers for lunch today - always a bonus for me!

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