Monday, June 28, 2010

finally - a home grown radish

This is the third year I've planted radish seeds. Everything I read about radishes indicates they are super easy to grow and so come highly recommended for children's gardens. The first year, I got measly green sprouts but nothing happened and they withered and died. Last year, the slugs mowed through both sets of greens which sprouted and the radishes never got the chance to develop. So I wasn't too optimistic this year but I bought a mixed pack of radish seeds and T and I planted them in his big tubs (T's garden is two big barrel tubs). This time up popped a lot of seedlings, which I thinned, as per the seed package. And on Friday, on my morning tour round the garden I took a closer look at the radish patch and discovered this....

A radish lying on the soil! (I had been wondering how you know when the radishes are ready to harvest.) So I called T and we pulled the radish out. And lo and behold, there were more radishes ready to be picked.

A radish harvest! It's hard to say who was more excited - T or me. He ended up taking the large pink radish to his preschool teacher at the picnic!

The radishes are lovely - crunchy and peppery! And on Sunday there were more,

and another one tonight! Once these are done, I may replant for another harvest. Oh - better watch out. I'm getting cocky about my radishes!

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