Saturday, August 7, 2010

toasted sandwiches

I've been reading a few posts about toast - odes to simple toast lyrically written by Luisa (the wednesday chef) and Molly (orangette) and both made me run to my toaster and make toast. I'm particulary smitten with Luisa's mustard-mayo avocado on toast. Yummy.

Since I started making my own bread a few months ago, my new lunch time staple has been toasted sandwiches - slices of my bread, toasted to a golden brown, slathered with mayo and various things piled on - some of my favorite combinations are avocado and cheese, cheese and tomato, cucumber and cheese, bacon and tomato

and inspired by Martha Stewart Living Magazine, a quick supper sandwich is toasted tomato, avocado and bacon.

My bread recipe is adapted from America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook - basic bread recipe
Oatmeal Spelt Bread
3 c flour
1 c spelt flour
1 c oats + 1 c water cooked and cooled
2 1/4 tsp bread yeast
2 tsp salt
1 c. milk
3 tbsp butter, melted
3 tbsp brown rice syrup

In a stand mixer, mix the flours, oatmeal, yeast and salt together until blended. Warm the milk and combine with the butter and brown rice syrup and pour into the flour mix. With a dough hook, knead for 10 minutes, adding more flour if required ( this amount of flour usually works for me but add in 1/4 c increments if your dough is too loose - it should be fairly sticky). Let rise for about an hour until doubled in size (I do this in the mixer) and then turn out onto a lightly floured counter. Pat into a rectangle about the length of your loaf pan. Roll the rectangle into a loaf, seaming the edges together. Place in your loaf pan and let rise for 1 - 1 1/2 hours. Preheat your oven to 350 deg F. Once the bread is risen, pop the pan into the oven, and alongside place another pan filled halfway with boiling water. Bake for 40-50 minutes until the bread is golden and makes a hollow sound when tapped on the bottom. Cool on a rack.

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