Monday, August 2, 2010

summer at the beach

We went away for a few days. And visited a lot of beaches (T's take on things). He was so excited to go visiting he didn't sleep for three nights prior to leaving. So we went to lots of beaches. We waded in the surf, we threw rocks in the ocean, we built sand towers and T demolished them with his digger, we played frisbee with T's new Woody frisbee and then T built a rock mountain while D and I sat on a driftwood log and watched the surf - and that was just the first day!

T had to build a sand crocodile,

 and then a big sand castle.

We had "picmics" at the beach, brushing sand off of everything and shooing the seagulls away. We buried T in the sand

and then I got buried. We walked out to the surf and waded in and splashed each other, searched for sand dollars. Parts that we forgot to sunscreen got too much sun. We lazed under our watermelon umbrella. T dug in the sand with his digger and dump truck and pails. T got compliments on his new Woody towel ("that's the best towel ever") and made new friends building sand castles and playing on a playground. We even saw some deer. One afternoon, we stopped at the go-kart track. T declined racing so D and I raced each other around the track! And T enjoyed some time in the sprinkler as well.

Ah - summer fun!

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