Friday, August 20, 2010

blackberries abound...

T has been collecting blackberries in the lane at daycare, bringing home the odd couple of berries to have with his supper. So last Saturday, a very hot day, by our standards, we trooped off to our favorite blackberry hunting ground - a local walking trail along a former railway line - lined with blackberry thickets. So we mooched along the trail, picking high (D) and low (T) - but not too low. Apart from T dropping his nearly full bucket of berries while looking at an airplane, all went well. We even met an old Lab who loves blackberries and T followed him for a bit, trying to feed him berries from his bucket. Hot and sweaty and prickled, we came home with our haul - a large white tub full of berries.

I managed to stash a couple of bags away in the freezer for future blackberry and apple galette and turned the rest of the stash into blackberry syrup - I whizzed the blackberries through my old food mill

- leaving behind the hard bits and seeds, leaving a dark purple black juice.

I made a blackberry ice using this as inspiration.

Blackberry Ice
1 1/2 c blackberry syrup/juice
3/4 c sugar
3/4 c water
1 c sparkling wine (I used pink champagne)

Pour the blackberry juice into a food processor. Heat the water until boiling, take off the heat and add the sugar, stirring together until the sugar melts. Pour the sugar syrup into the blackberries while the processor whizzes. Add the sparkling wine and pulse for about 10 seconds. Pour the mixture into a glass dish and freeze.

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