Tuesday, August 3, 2010

hands on art

Sunday was catch up day around the house. T and I visited the market and then the art festival on across the street. I did a quick tour around the artist booths and then we found the hand on arts and crafts tent. So I punked down $6 and T got to paint and decorate and create to his heart's content with anything and everything at the tables - cardboard tubes, flower pots, paint, feathers, glue, fabric scraps, tape and all kinds of fun things. His first creation was a large lighthouse - once it was painted with the light and roof on top we had to let it dry before we could apply the stripes so we had a hot dog and ice cream break by the beach. After finishing the lighthouse,

T made a drum.

Lots of fun.

And last night, T had to paint. Seems the artist has been awoken. So he did a series of family portraits - mummy and daddy,





 and a piano - the piano started off as Uncle M but morphed into a piano....

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