Sunday, August 22, 2010

goat cheese and roasted corn - two recipes

This year the corn has been so great - so the other week we seemed to eat it every night. With a lot of goat cheese. A delicious combination.

First came goat cheese and roasted corn quesadillas that was inspired by this corn related post.

Here is how I made them:
6 large flour tortillas (I ended up with a combination of sun-dried tomato, spinach and cheese ones)
130 g goat cheese
kernels cut from 2 ears of corn
1 c salsa verde

Saute the corn in a pan for 2-3 minutes until toasty. Combine the corn with the goat cheese and mix. Spread the bottom of three tortillas with this mix. Sprinkle a couple of large spoonfuls of salsa over each one and top with another tortilla. Heat the tortillas in a saute pan until slightly brown. Cut into quarters and serve with sour cream and salsa.

Those were so yummy I moved on to roasted corn and goat cheese pasta. It was slightly inspired by a recipe in last month's Martha Stewart Living magazine which used a corn pesto. For my pasta I made a loose basil pesto using just basil, garlic, pepper and olive oil. I cooked some scooby doo pasta (that is it's name here) and while that was cooking, I sauted the kernels from 2 ears of corn and some thinly sliced red onion. Just before adding the pasta I added some sliced goat cheese (it was half a round). I added in the cooked pasta and the pesto and then tossed in a couple of handfuls of roasted cashew nuts.

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