Thursday, August 5, 2010

boy's baking with mummy

A couple of Saturday's ago, T wanted to bake cookies with me. Right away. I had been preparing to make some bread but I stopped and asked T what kind of cookie he wanted to make. "Gingerbread". Ok - mid-summer, hot and sunny and he wants to make gingerbread. I got out the big bag of cookie cutters for him to choose his shapes with and I dug out my America's Test Kitchen Cookbook and turned to gingerbread.

T got kitted out in his cooking gear and put all his cooking tools out (mixing bowl, measuring cups and spoons and his piggy whisk).

T added all the ingredients to the mixer bowl and I monitored his finger placement everytime I turned the mixer on - quite nerve racking for me as he is fascinated by the turning blade but he loves putting on the cover and pouring shield so that works for me.

The dough was very soft in the heat and I misread the recipe - placing the dough in the fridge after it had been rolled out and cut into shapes instead of after rolling but before cutting. Nevermind. We mixed the dough, cut it in half and rolled out the dough. We cut out a moose, gingerbread boy, a whale, a sheep, a penquin, a plane, a car, a train, a bear, a cow, a duck, a lion, a rabbit, etc. I put the dough in the fridge and then we baked them up. T was so excited to try them that he touched a pan coming out of the oven and burnt his finger. So I soaked his finger in cold water until the heat was gone from his finger and by then the cookies were cool enough to eat. T started with the moose and kept on going. If I hadn't put some of the cookies away, they all would have been eating by tea time.

 We still have half of the dough in the freezer, to be made into cookies some other time.

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