Sunday, April 4, 2010

cabbage and salad

Yesterday T announced that he wanted to build lego submarines just like in the book. The book in question was a photo album with pictures of lego submarines that my nephew F made a few years ago when D and I were visiting. (D as I recall, was irritated by F's models not being accurate and consequently unsailable. D, you see, is very into military history and is picky about accuracy and detail. I told him to get over it as these were lego submarines and F was only 8 at the time.)

So D and T looked up pictures of submarines in D's military books so T could see what they looked like and while I whipped up a batch of banana chocolate chip muffins, they made submarines.

The top one is D's model and the bottom one is T's. T's has the propeller in the front and comes equipped with bedrooms and bathrooms and a dining table. The crew eat cabbage and salad for dinner. When we asked T if he would eat cabbage and salad he said no. But he would eat the chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Unless he couldn't eat the cookies until he ate his dinner, in which case he would eat cabbage and salad. That is news to us! Apparently he's not ready for a submariner's life yet, he still is only eating cucumber and carrots - no cabbage or salad yet!

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