Sunday, April 25, 2010

so i was a bit out of control

Sometimes I get crazy ideas in my head. So yesterday, I decided I would try three recipes. Corn custard, which I've made before mainly because I wanted to use up 3 of 4 egg yolks I had left over from a tortilla the other night. To that I also decided to add zuccini pancakes and blue cheese scallion biscuits, because I'd read the recipes during the week and wanted to try them. And on a whim, during the cooking process and because I'd just read about a similar recipe in Bon Appetit, I turned some rhubarb sitting in the fridge into a strawberry rhubarb crumble. I hadn't thought it through - mainly the issue was the dueling cheeses - smoked gouda in the custard, feta in the pancakes and obviously blue cheese in the biscuits.

The custard was creamy and cheesy and filling.

 And it tastes just as good with frozen corn as it did last summer with fresh kernels. I added a touch of cayenne this time around and will make that a permanent addition.

The pancakes worked well, unlike another recipe for zuccini pancakes I tried last year, which resulted in a zuccini frittata hashy mess. But I am getting better about wringing water out of zuccini

 (wring really well using tea towels!). These were relatively easy to make and quite good.

They will be added to our repetoire this summer when I'm hoping to be awash in zuccini from the garden although I might add some chili or cayenne to add a bit of bite.

Or bump up the fresh mint.

The biscuits were easy to make, and I felt quite virtuous mixing the butter into the dough with my fingers.

The dough yields big biscuits. Baking, they filled the house with a lovely cheesy aroma. Baked, they looked beautiful, just like a biscuit should look.

D loved them. I was a bit overwhelmed by the blue cheese. We decided that they would be a wonderful appetizer with wine (instead of wine and cheese - wine and biscuits) or a lovely summer lunch served with a peppery, slightly bitter salad (arugula) with balsamic vinagrette.

Ultimately, we didn't have room for the crumble but we managed it for dessert tonight. The strawberries melted into the rhubarb and disappeared - it would be better with local strawberries but that is a few weeks away still.

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