Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday was a home day - baking in the morning - a batch of banana chocolate chip muffins (Nigella Express),
some chocolate chip cookies and a batch of breadmaker hot cross buns (Delia Smith online). Then T and I spent some time in the garden (T was digging up gravel for me) - I replanted my rosemary into a lovely terracotta pot that was my anniversary present from D last fall and then I filled the old rosemary pot with bulbs.
After lunch, I went grocery shopping, dropping D and T off on a local walking trail on the way and they raced me home. They won! T picked a bunch of flowers along the way to give to me and his Aunties and all his girlfriends, their mums and his teachers!

More work in the garden in the afternoon, moving things around and adding soil supplements, etc. Here are our garden boots by the door.
Then supper of warm lentil, mushroom and goat cheese salad, sausages and carrots.

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