Monday, April 5, 2010

spring gardening

So everytime I think I will have a few hours to putter in my garden, something happens. Rain, mostly. And I know, you can garden in the rain. But as with most things, I'm a fairweather gardener.

I posted about having planted a pot of bulbs. The day after I planted, I had hurried outside (in the rain) to add some sea soil to the veggie patch prior to planting peas when I noticed that my bulb planter had a hole in it. On closer examination, I noticed 2 brown bulb skins lying on the ground near the planter and that one of the tulips was missing. Grrr. A squirrel had breakfasted on one of my bulbs. I discovered that said squirrel had thoughtfully left me the stalk with tulip on the side of the planter which I brought in and stuck in a vase. Then I went outside and put cayenne pepper all around the remaining bulbs in the planter and moved it up onto a railing. I don't know whether that will make it easier or harder for the squirrels to reach a bulb snack. I'm hoping it is harder. So far, so good.

I'm also going to blame squirrels for breaking the ceramic dish I had filled with bird seed after the bird feeder smashed to smithereens a couple of weekends ago. I guess I should get another one so T can watch an assortment of birds feeding. I love watching them as well. Ok - that's my plan. Off to the garden center for seed starting pots and a bird feeder. As it is raining today and we need something to do besides watch Bob the Builder videos.

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