Monday, April 5, 2010

easter dinner leftover casserole

We had our Easter dinner on Saturday - I made ham (boiled in ginger ale, then baked with a glaze of ginger marmelade, dry mustard, cloves and brown sugar - from Nigella Lawson's Christmas book), creamed roasted onion, mushrooms and spinach, my sister-in-law made cheesy scalloped potatoes and we had strawberry blueberry cinnamon dumplings for dessert. So tonight's supper used up some of the leftover ham and all the leftover veggies (everything else was already gone!).

I made mashed potatoes and added some olive oil, sour cream, milk, grated cheese, dijon mustard and a dab of wasabi. I boiled up and then mashed together 8 carrots, 1 rutabaga and 1 swede along with some butter, grated nutmeg, pepper, cayenne pepper and dry mustard. In the bottom of a greased dutch oven I layered half the potato,

then added a layer of leftover creamed onion, mushrooms and spinach,

followed by a layer of diced cooked ham,

then the layer of mashed turnip and carrot,

followed by the last of the potato mixture.

And being the kind of cook I am, I added a layer of grated gruyere cheese on the top

before baking at 350 deg F for 30 minutes.

Dinner is served. It was pretty yummy!

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