Sunday, April 18, 2010

garden update

T's seeds are starting to sprout so he's very excited. The seeds, soil pucks and seed tray (and the singing bird behind them which is just out of the picture) were all presents from Auntie K. She works part time at a garden center and I think she spends all her wages on buying gifts for our boy. He's very spoilt.

My backordered potato grow bags finally arrived in the mail last week so I planted them up along with another sample grow bag so here is a photo of all my potato grow bags lined up along the fence amid the apple blossom snow...

The squirrels seem to be staying away from the bulbs and they have so far, weathered the rain and wind storms....too bad you can't get scent in photos - the hyacinth smell amazing!

I sowed peas and sweet peas last weekend and T is under strict instructions (I'm sure he listened to those as well as he listens to everything else...) not to dig up those beds and containers. We shall see how it goes. Here is why I have to give the instructions - the first picture was taken this morning

after I tied up the rose bush that T kept running into (the peas were sowed just south of where the construction trucks are parked in this picture). This second picture was taken this afternoon after T's haircut.Here T is rescuing his quarry truck from the bank where it rolled over. He's called in his rescue trucks - "let go into action!"

T had his hair cut at the "fancy hair cut place" where he gets to sit in a boat (or car or train) and watch TV while his hair is cut and then gets to chose a toy. He chose a rocket ship (aka airplane) and was showing it to everyone (and I do mean everyone) down at the Quay both before and after he had ice cream. In between trying to convince me that we needed to take a ride on the Seabus right now. D is devasted that T's nordic curls are gone but T's been asking for a hair cut for weeks and was constantly pushing his hair out of his eyes. I figure T's more in charge of his hair than D is....

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