Sunday, July 4, 2010

a market surprise

So I made a batch of strawberry banana muffins this morning and took them down to the market for today's muffin competition. There were three entries - a breakfast muffin, a banana muffin with peanut butter frosting and mine. I did my rounds of the market, buying greens and chard and tomatoes and cherries and beef sausages (as they were out of eggs). T fell and scraped his knee and persuaded me to get him a chocolate cupcake. He's made friends with several of the market vendors - he plays peek-a-boo with them and most of them think he's cute - they give me extra cherries and radishes and tomatoes for him.

Finally it was time for the muffin competition. The judges stood around sampling the muffins. There was discussion about different types of muffins - sweet vs not so sweet. Then Mary called me over and asked me to pick a bunch of flowers from her stand.

She said all the competitors got flowers but that I had won and it would be announced. By this time T had had enough of the market and wanted to go home. We got home and were doing our things around the house

 (building more cranes on the lego ship) when I got a call from the market. I needed to go back and pick up my prize. So off we went, back to the market, to pick up my prize

- a bunch of lovely things from different market vendors (chard, tomatoes, a yellow pepper, a scone, a mint plant, cookbook, small ceramic bowl and a lovely pair of earrings) and they were lovely enough to give T a prize as well - a little game and toy. And I have to admit - the muffins weren't really as good as they normally are - I left them in the oven a bit too long.

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