Sunday, July 25, 2010

more summer fun...

We've had some fantastic weather lately and even the odd day which hasn't been stellar has been just dandy - what is a few clouds among friends. My barometer is how much water I need to be pouring into my containers - it's summer baby.

With our boy, summer involves lots of popsicles, ice cream, water (sprinklers, fountains (whale fountain at the park, the big fountain in front of the rec center) plus the beach and pools. His old toddler pool gave up the ghost - as in we blew it up and filled it with water and the pool deflated before he could jump in more than two times and the water was all over the patio. So we have a new pool.

It's deeper and wider so it takes a lot more effort to blow up (Mummy - are you done yet with my pool as I'm keeling over from lack of oxygen) - and more water to fill and the water is cold. Shocking cold. But T and I both fit in the pool for splash fests so it's all good - cold but good.

The other day, T and I spent some time at a secret beach hidden away from the beaten track. We shared it with a few other people, lots of geese and a couple of big tidal pools. T and I played badminton, waded in the tidal pools, swam in the surf with his swimming noodle (but there was too much seaweed touching T that he gave it up), had a snack of cheese bunnies and water, played with his boomerang and T dug in the sand. Then we were allowed to leave as we had "had fun at the beach". More beach time coming up in the next few weeks, I hope.

We've been blowing bubbles in the backyard, watching the vegetables grow, watching the bees and butterflies in the flowers, a small amount of lying in the hammock for me, tea and drinks and lunch in the garden. We've been riding on mini trains (and watching the model railways run), playing in parks, trying to fly a kite, visiting the market (and getting a tractor from Santa there), face painting, and lots of cherries, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, blueberries to eat. There has even been a quick trip to look at a visiting naval ship.

It's our watermelon coloured beach umbrella up in the backyard to give us some shade. And now it is time for my summer drink

 - Pimm's cup and a quiet moment outside. Bliss.

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