Sunday, July 25, 2010

summer vegetable tart

I made this tart a lot last summer. I tried tweaking it but I'm not sure I've improved on the original. It's hard to go wrong though with market fresh veggies.

Last week I made this version,

using zucchini and tomatoes and the tart dough recipe from here. I made the dough, spread 1 tbsp of dijon mustard on the bottom,

 then layered 2 sliced and grilled zucchini, topped with sliced campari tomatoes.

I topped it with the mayonaise/ parmesan cheese/ basil mixture to which I added a bit of lemon zest. I'd used less lemon next time, and make the dough match the height of the veggies in the pan.

For lunch yesterday, I tried another tweak - same dough, with mustard on the base. One layer of grilled zucchini, layered with corn kernels from two ears of fresh corn, covered with basil, followed by sliced tomatoes, followed by more basil and diced herbed feta. The problems with this one were that the cheese didn't really melt into the vegetables but the folding over of the dough into a galette style worked better.

In both tarts, the vegetables are full of flavour and summery goodness.

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