Sunday, January 31, 2010

goldilocks boy

T is very sensitive about the temperature of his food - not too hot, not too cold and maybe, just maybe, he'll eat or drink it. So he's our goldilocks boy. In monster truck pajamas.

One of his new favorite things is warm hot chocolate. Not hot, warm. Served in his tractor/truck mug.

And it is even better when served with chocolate chip cookies. That's my boy!

T's been learning about the Olympics this week at preschool. The children made flags,

- this is T's. The girls were wearing their handmade medals when I picked up T the other day. And the other night T was singing a song about Canada which I eventually discovered was the national anthem - well T's version of it which had backhoes and scrapers in it, of course. So they are all excited about the Olympics. D and I, not so much with all the announced traffic nightmares to come. And of course, it is hardly winter outside.

The cherry trees started blooming in the city last week and there are buds on our star magnolia, rhodo bush and the camelia. The north shore mountains are practically snowless except for the Olympic courses on Cypress for the free-style skiing and snowboarding. I guess it will be good for the spectators to be warmer than is usual during winter sports. Unless they get rained on. Which is extremely likely...just saying. If you are coming to the Olympics, you might want to bring an umbrella.

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