Sunday, January 3, 2010

around our house

A few pictures of life around our house. These were taken a couple of weeks before Christmas.

T was painting when I got home one afternoon - this is his picture of a whale. The big red splotch in the middle is the big whale tummy, with the whale teeth on the left (pointy, pink) and the whale tale on the right.

T wanted to make cookies using the Christmas cookie cutters. In an effort to save time, I thought I hit upon a brilliant idea - use chocolate chip cookie dough. So I rolled out the dough and we cut out the shapes and baked them. Oops! Not such a great idea - the shapes spread into unrecognisable shapes. I managed to recut some of them so T wasn't too disappointed.

The mail that day included a parcel for me - a present to myself!

I tell myself I had to get them to qualify for free shipping for the gifts that also came with these books...

T made lego things and played with the cow

(well, the cow was licking my sweater!) and I tried to put together a snowflake garland.

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