Sunday, January 3, 2010

sous chef

T is at an age where he loves to help us do things. He helps me do the laundry by taking clothes out of the dryer and yesterday, in an effort to get back his earthmover (long story!) he even tried to carry the basket of clean clothes upstairs to his room. He made it half way up the stairs before crashing (the clothes - not T). He continued up the stairs with the basket while I helped him. And then he helped me put the clothes away in his drawers.

One thing he wants to help with is cooking. I'm trying to get him ready so he can cook dinner by the time he's 10 or so. So he stirs the pot sometimes but the other day he was so insistant on helping me (when I was cutting onions which got a bit scary) I happened on the idea to get him to slice mushrooms using the egg slicer

and grate cheese. Both of which helped me with my recipe, let him work alongside me and kept him busy while I got the rest of the ingredients together. So those are his regular jobs now - slicing mushrooms

and grating cheese. He sometimes adds to the excitement by having contests - how many mushrooms will fit into the slicer and still slice, and how many bowls of cheese can the grater reach and a new spin on it - who can grate more cheese - T or Daddy?

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