Sunday, May 31, 2009

shoes and dirt

Summer seems to have arrived during the time we were away. I dragged the remnants of my summer wardrobe from the bottom of the storage chest they hide in off season and took stock of T's summer wardrobe as well. Several additions needed to be made to both so off shopping I went on my day off. I hoped to find a pair of sandals that would fit T and that he would wear. I ended up buying a pair with a small construction vehicle on them (earth mover/ bull dozer) that also light up. He loves them. He had to wear them to bed the other night. I tried to remove them once he was asleep but no dice. I did not have similar success with the new sun hat - it is too hot apparently so today T and I had to swap hats...he wore my big straw hat and I wore his turtle/lizard/frog hat.

I've been doing more gardening this weekend. The peas sown are coming up, as are the potatoes and the radishes. I added basil plants to the tomato containers and planted a herb container as well (oregano, sage, thyme and a different type of basil). I added some zuccini and cauliflower to the vegetable plot as an experiment. I also planted some sweet peas along the fence - hopefully we get lots of flowers and the leaves will help hide the fence! The clematis D (and T) gave me is blooming well and spreading nicely.

I hope we get some success with the vegetables - I'm afraid the location of the plot is not the best and contemplated yesterday the idea of creating raised beds in the sunny part of the patio. It would be a lot of work and I need to convince D that it would be a good idea.

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Clare said...

I am also getting raised beds - here you can buy them ready made so hoping not so much work.... We have just had the first strawberries from the pot and are watching our single courgette plant produce flowers which will hopefully all turn into fruits. Give Thomas a big kiss from all of us. C x