Wednesday, May 6, 2009

dig, dig, diggin'

T loves to dig. Usually in the sandbox with a backhoe or an eart'mover. But we have a new place to dig. The garden. A few weeks ago I planted our seed potatoes and T "hepped" me dig the holes. Last weekend I seeded beans and peas and T "hepped" me again. Mostly what happened was that he dug up potatoes or put dirt in my shoes! I followed along after him, replanting the potatoes and seeds. Then we dug a hole in the front yard to plant a new shrub rose - it took a bit of distraction to get the hole deep enough to put the rose in. We also seeded radishes which are to be T's garden crop - he has to water them and keep an eye on them. Hopefully this will give him a love of gardening and I'm really hoping he'll be more interested in eating vegetables that we grow. I've also planted tomato plants in the hopes that we will have more of a crop than last year - shouldn't be too hard as I only got 1 cherry tomato from 3 plants. I've moved the plants to the back patio in the hopes that the sunshine will be better there.

D is surprised and pleased with my new found interest in the garden. It is all down to reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" which K gave me for Christmas.

Last weekend, in addition to the planting, we all took a stab at decreasing the dandelion forest that had popped up on the side path. T calls them sunflowers!

T was also fascinated by all the bugs we uncovered. The snails, slugs, beetles and worms. He was right into getting dirty and looking for snails and worms! Just hope he displays the same enthusiasm for the radishes, potatoes, beans, tomatoes and peas we harvest (hopefully!).

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