Thursday, May 14, 2009

getting ready for holiday!

Last night I got out the suitcases to start packing for our trip to England. T was enthralled by his own suitcase and ran around "packing" it. Colouring paper roll and crayons, sponge bag full of trucks and jeeps, soothers, blankets and a big pile of books. And to top it all off, a big bulldozer. Then he announced to me "all packed, mummy. Close it now". So I zipped up the case and he toddled off down the hall, pulling it behind him. It had to stay in his bedroom so he could see it in the night. I thought we would have issues at bedtime as he had packed both his blankie and soother but he wouldn't let us open the suitcase to get them out for him. He didn't end up falling asleep til just about 10pm by which time D and I were beyond exhausted!

This morning he wanted to take "his" suitcase to preschool this morning. I think he's a bit out of his comfort zone, what with getting ready to go to the farm on the airplane and getting to wear PJ's to school today and tomorrow for PJ's days.

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