Sunday, June 14, 2009

channeling Grandad

Where does T's social streak come from - not really from either D or myself. So it must be from his Grandad. I never met D's father but by all accounts he was a charmer and very social. He could be plopped down in a crowd and would start making friends all around. "T.M, Canada" he would say and instantly have a crowd of new buddies. So last Sunday, T decided he would take three of his trucks to the park to "share" with other children. He was as good as his word - he shared brilliantly and I only had to step in when one little boy tried to take the bulldozer off with him. T wades into groups of kids (younger and older) and says "Hi, I'm T" and off he goes, making new friends. It's wonderful to watch - I just wish I had half his ease with people.

He's becoming quite his own person. He's very bossy and is constantly telling D and I, especially when we lay down the law (eat dinner, listen to mummy and daddy, pick up your toys, etc) - "you don't talk now", or "I'm important, you're not". Which depending on our frame of mind, we either find very funny or very irritating!

Last week at daycare, he lifted up his bowl with his fork and announced "Look, a forklift!" Brilliant! (actually he would have said "forklibt")

Today we are off for a "Day out with Thomas" - T has been wanting to get started since he got up this morning. Just waiting on his Auntie and we'll be off.

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