Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I guess it says something, even if I’m not sure what, that my husband can still surprise me after 11 years together. I recently learned that he does, on occasion, eat white fish. This was a revelation to me as in all our years together I have never seen this behaviour and despite frequent lamentations on my part, as to the lack of fish in our diet, he has never, up to last week, revealed that he has, on occasion, consumed things like Dover sole.

So , dear reader, you would not be amiss in thinking that white fish was definitely on my shopping list this week. I bought fillets of sole from the fish monger. After a troll through my cookery books, I settled on a classic recipe for dinner, Sole Meunière, as laid out by America’s Test KitchenCookbook. I served Deb’s Baked Wild Rice Gratin with baby kale alongside. It made a very nice dinner and my husband finished his fish practically before I even sat down. It was delicious. And it lead to a discussion about fish fingers, which will be added to the rotation this week.

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