Thursday, May 23, 2013


I've been surrounded by camouflage material recently. Our boy needed a weighted vest to help him focus at school and I knew he likely wouldn't wear the style of vest available through the specialty website as he was reluctant to wear it even in the house when we got one to try out. So I thought I would try and make one he would like to wear. I lucked out a the fabric store and found a whole rack of camouflage type fabric and settled on the navy (navy) and brown (army) in the hopes that the camouflage would feed into his love of army and navy enough to encourage the vest use at school. I ordered the vest weights online
one weight lying on the inside pocket

weights inside the pocket
and waited so I could make the interior pockets the right size to hold them. I chose a basic vest with lining pattern, laid a piece of heavy cotton on the inside of the navy piece to hold the weights and sewed the vest following the pattern. I admit, I did have to unpick my work a few times but in the end I have a reversible vest, that holds 6 - 1/2 lb weights that looks cute and so far he likes to wear.

Early days yet, so I'm hopeful this will last.

And inspired by this post of Molly's I made a couple of camo outfits for his tooth fairy mice- which got to go to school for montre et raconte (show and tell).