Monday, May 10, 2010

more questions

The other night at dinner:

T: Mummy, can I get a bunny?

M: Maybe - what kind of bunny do you want?

T: A black one. Named Max.

D (to me): Mrs Alexis has a bunny named Monty. (Ah - now the Max makes sense. T knows a bunny named Monty so he wants one named Max (the other half of the dump truck twins from Thomas the Tank Engine.)

T: But we need a cage for the bunny. So it can't pee on the carpet.

D: Yes, we don't want bunny pee on the carpet.

T: (very seriously) No. No bunny pee on the carpet. Or bunny poo, either.

D: You also need a cage to keep the bunny from chewing everything in the house. They love to chew things.

T: Like what?

D: Everything. Carpet, chairs, clothes, toys, everything.

T: But bunnies eat carrots and radishes. And lettuce.

D: Yes, but they like to chew everything.

T: Oh. Can I get two bunnies? I'd like a red one too. A red one named Juliep.

The next day D phoned me to say that T's new-to-him fire truck was at the top of the bookcase in the den. Not because he had done anything bad or broken it but because he didn't want it to be chewed by the bunnies. (which we don't have)

Yesterday (Mother's Day) - after I opened my card from T (via D) and flowers (again from T via D) - T had made me a card and soap at preschool which he gave me on Friday as he couldn't wait until yesterday, we went off on some Sunday adventures - the market, the fish hatchery and the playground on the way home. T loved climbing the rocks at the fish hatchery - he wanted to see the fish being made but we couldn't see that - we saw all the salmon fry (babies) in the nursery tanks as well as the fishway (fish ladder). As I pulled into the driveway:

T: Mummy - do ducks pee and poo?

M: Yes.

T: What about lions? And tigers?

M: Yes

T: What about snakes?

M: I don't know - I've never really thought about it. Presumably they must.

T: Lions must have the biggest poos.

M: Well, I think elephants probably have bigger poos than lions.

T: Yeah. Elephants would have really big poos. Bigger than my firetruck.

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