Friday, May 21, 2010

brown rice sushi salad

Yum! I saw this salad posted here and here and I had to make it. So I made it tonight for myself, when D is working late. D is not an eater of fish or seafood and professes to loathe sushi, although I don't think he has ever tried a vegetarian maki roll. I'll get him to try some of the salad and see how he likes it ( minus the nori). I left out a couple of ingredients from both of the listed recipes (tofu (not my fav) and green onions as I didn't have any) but added some baked yam and chopped roasted asparagus (left over from dinner last night) as I like maki rolls with both of those.

I liked the wasabi and soy dressing but found my salad a bit gooey so next time I think I will decrease the oil and vinegar if using the dressing, possibly down to 1 tbsp each. I love the crunchy, salty, sesamey, creamy sweet rice flavours which is definitely like eating sushi in a bowl.

(Update - I had some leftover salad for lunch yesterday and fed some of it to D - he loved it! So this recipe is definitely a keeper.)

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