Sunday, May 23, 2010

a cloudy saturday

Saturday at home.

Breakfast -

Imagination games - creating a city, monster truck race track and river for various animals and cars/lego vehicles to play in.

The city made from toilet paper and tape - including a swimming pool and broken crosswalk for Bob the Builder to break up -

The monster truck race track, complete with bumps, cars to jump over and rocks -

The river with swimming gummy bears and water snakes - nice ones who rescue people - a big one to rescue big people and a baby one to rescue babies!

Later one a mine was created, far away from the city -

The stuffies (stuffed animals) went on a train ride with elephant playing the conductor and collecting the tickets and Lambie as the passenger. They were off to Poppyland where you pop bubbles and eat Lollipops!

And a lighthouse (water flute) was added to the river along with speed boats, tug boats and a frog family, duck family and a seal to swim with the gummy bears!

The stuffies and trucks and monster trucks had a great day. And more fireboats and cranes and dumptrucks were made later on (from lego). The fireboat even had a helicopter landing pad! To rescue people. T is big into rescuing people these days. And getting rid of bad guys. Makes me wonder what the kids are talking about at school these days.

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