Thursday, February 11, 2010


Last night our muffin was quite upset at bedtime. He told me that he had made me a card that said he loved me and that he was my friend on it but that he had lost it. So I asked D to take a look in T's cubby to see if it was there tonight. But when I got home, I had mail from T's preschool and inside was the card - they had mailed it to me for T! Aw!

Actually what it said inside was "Happy Valentine's Day" - xoxo T.

And here is the cake I sent to preschool yesterday for their Valentine's Day party. (T had requested the gummy bears...)

And I will be away for Valentine's Day - off to the spa for a few days with some friends. So I've left a couple of cards and some surprises hidden away for them to find on Sunday.

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