Saturday, February 27, 2010

another transportation adventure

The whole world is visiting our city and last weekend I thought I would take T to experience some of it. So someday I can show him the pictures and say, "you were there!" But as these things go, it didn't quite turn out the way I planned. I had originally thought of taking a bus downtown to look at the cauldron and the outdoor skating rink at Robson Square and watch people zipping overhead on the zip lines - the ones people are lining up for hours to go on (6+ hours in some cases!). But that's not what happened. We took the Seabus (T loves it!) across the harbour,
seeing boats, landing float planes, nearly colliding with a sailboat and we did spy the cauldron in the distance. Then we took the Skytrain to the Olympic Village station and lined up for the Olympic trolley.
When it was our turn to board the "trolley",
the driver spied T and asked him to do him a favour - guard the space behind his door so he would be able to open in and get into his booth. T was thrilled. Once the driver was in the booth and we were getting underway, I put T up on my shoulders so he could see the track.
So during the whole 10 block ride, T gave us a running commentary about crossings and the cars we were racing. The driver thought it was funny! At Granville Island we stopped for a bite to eat, T played with his truck by the duck pond
and around the kid's playground. There were crowds of people enjoying the sunshine. We didn't end up visiting any of the pavillions there or seeing anything beyond all the people but it was a lovely day and T had fun. We did get maple leafs painted on our faces!We made our way back via trolley and T shared his chocolate buttons with the people behind us in line. He commented all the way back on the trolley. Back on the Skytrain we managed to get a spot at the front so T could see the tunnel. Then back to the Seabus passing thousands of people in Waterfront station - some lining up for the train to the Richmond Oval and thousands more streaming into town for the US-Canada hockey game (we lost!) all wearing red and white costumes and waving flags. And on the Seabus ride back across to the North Shore, we saw two helicopters land as well as a float plane.

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