Friday, May 18, 2012

time flies by

It occurred to me the other day that our boy is almost done with his first year of kindergarten. How did that happen so fast? 

We’ve had our challenges this year, everything from our boy not being all that keen to work on printing “it’s too hard”, to emails from the school about little boy transgressions (too many of those). But we’ve had fun too, concerts and projects

 and discovering math and parties and outings and birthday parties and word games and quoi de neufs to get ready for (show and tell). This month’s subject is “what do I want to be when I grow up”. Our boy has a whole list from tank/plane/warship driver to all kinds of sports playing – tennis, hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, etc. I’m not quite sure which one(s) will make the grade for his actual presentation and drawing. We have a couple of weeks to figure it out. 

Along the way our boy has developed a fascination for the Titanic, warships, sharks and airplanes. I should say that the warships and airplanes he comes by naturally as my husband loves these as well. So my guys spend lots of time building Lego ships, warships, planes, etc. And then the small boy sinks them in the bath or runs them over with a big truck or something and they start all over again. The most surprising new interest has been our boy’s sudden and recent passion for sports. He’s played soccer for two years and loves it and adores swimming lessons (all that diving and splashing). This year there are the school yard games of tetherball, handball, freeze tag, and something I think called “backshoe backshoe”. Earlier in the spring he started playing ball hockey in his after-school club boy “gang” and became extremely interested in hockey which lead to watching baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, and car racing. He always wants to play hockey and lately has taken to “versing” us for a game after supper. The rules are somewhat flexible and seem to favour him highly but it is all fun. Although my man and I are somewhat at a disadvantage with the tiny sticks. The boy also discovered tennis rackets in the garage and now wants to “verse” us in tennis (and teach him how to play at the same time). Due to the sudden hockey fascination I signed the boy up for field hockey.

 It is very funny to watch about 8 boys and 65 girls all on the same field. The boys tend to stay in a pack and do things like hook their sticks into the net and hang off it like monkeys or chase each other around the net, while the girls are either doing all their drills or cart wheeling down the sidelines. He’s also doing Sport Ball and Bike Camp with his after school club. And for summer we have a week of skimboard/skateboard camp, tennis camp and soccer development, in between weeks of regular summer camp with trips to water parks, beaches, bike rides, zoos, etc.

 Last night, during Lego construction (after the hockey game), the boy and his dad got into a heated discussion about the placement of radar on the deck and structure on his Lego warship. The boy wanted the ship radar to be bigger and more prominent than the airplane radar. All of this leaves me completely at a loss. I count myself lucky that I can distinguish between different types of warships (frigates vs. aircraft carriers) but that is about it.

 Which leaves me my roles as driver, snack carrier, equipment manager, school liaison, and backpack stocker, event and play date coordinator? And of course, dispenser of hugs, cuddles and band aids. It’s good to know where I stand.

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