Thursday, May 24, 2012

sock organizers

I made these little things back in December when I should have been making cookies and wrapping presents. As often happens when I have a long list of things to do, I get distracted by an odd idea and go down that path instead of doing the things on my list and making things a bit less stressful on myself. But I digress.

Our boy has a bed with big drawers underneath it, mainly as his room is tiny and we wanted a way to eliminate as much furniture as possible, we chose a bed with storage built in. But three large drawers means that most of his clothes are in a big jumble and it is hard to find things. Especially small things like socks. So when I was searching for gift ideas back in December I came across a pattern for a bread basket at GarnStudio. And I thought it might make a really great sock organizer. So I made one out of some red wool I had in my wool basket.

And it did make a really great sock organizer. Of course, when I took all the socks out of the miscellaneous drawer (pyjamas, swim suits, underwear, socks, gloves, mitts, etc) I had such a big pile of socks that I had almost more than one baskets worth. So someday I need to make another red sock organizer. Because the idea worked so well that I made a blue basket, to hold underwear.

One of these days, I will knit the pattern in the suggested cotton because I'm sure it will make a fabulous bread basket.


candice said...

I love these baskets but I can not seem to make the pattern work! I am so confused but not ready to give up. Is there an easier way you cold explain this to me please?


mummydinosaur said...

The pattern is pretty easy as long as you keep track of the end that you are doing your turns on. Knit out and back, then knit out (not to the end), turn and knit back, knit out (again not to the end and shorter again) turn and then knit back. Once you do a few 6 row sets it gets easier but you do need to focus on which end has the turns on it. Hopefully that helps.