Sunday, December 19, 2010

a "transformer" tree

Last Christmas, T got his very own tree from his Auntie K. It's a little artificial tree that folds up and lives in a high corner of the garage. D got it down the other night and I started pulling down the branches while T watched. "Cool" he said, "a transformer tree!"

Last year I hung candy canes, paper chains and a popcorn garland on it - this year I hung a hand ornament T made in preschool

another preschool ornament (a balloon covered with wool and glitter)

and a couple of candy canes and for the rest I was inspired by this post over at We have glitter snowball elves or santas hanging on most of our doorknobs so I thought a smaller version would be great on a tree. And I was right. T's tree is all about homemade charm and I think these are charming. Of course, our house is now covered in bits of wool and felt - T ran around with the small balls of leftover wool I was using to make the pompoms. I'm also making candy canes out of some pipe cleaners and later T and I will go down to the dollar store and find some toy cars or trucks to string up as well. 

 (an aligator as requested by T!)

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