Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a rare sighting

T has been working his way through a number of Hallowe'en costume ideas since last Hallowe'en. Last year he was a monster truck. He started off with astronaut (and I thought - great, that'll be easy to do) and moved on through batman, dump truck, and other things I don't remember anymore and about 2 months ago he came up with the idea of being a shark. A great white shark. With big teeth. So I waited for him to move on and he didn't. A couple of weekends ago we shot off to the fabric store to find some shark costume stuff - grey and white fleece and some foamcore from the arts and crafts store. In a meeting at work one day, I doodled a pattern after a search on google yielded one out of print pattern. Then last Tuesday at the supper table T said, "Mummy, it's our Hallowe'en party on Thursday and I need you to make us something yummy to eat" at which point D and I looked at each other and went - "you/I need to make his costume!". So Tuesday night I made the tunic and attached one white tummy bib, 2 flippers (arms), 1 tail fin and 1 dorsal fin. I cut out a hood

and Wednesday night I attached foamcore teeth, eyes and gills and made a small orange fish and attached it to the shark's mouth.

 Thursday morning the fish was removed by T because it didn't have eyes. And when I went to pick him up at daycare I discovered he'd removed most of the shark teeth "because they were broken". Grrr. And then T told me they were having another party the next day and he wanted another costume for that. And when we got home he said he wanted to go trick or treating as a caterpillar. So I told him he better get busy making his caterpillar costume. After a bit he reconsidered things. And decided he would go as a monster truck again. In the end he didn't wear a costume to his Friday party and on Sunday morning I asked him if he wanted me to fix the teeth on his shark costume. So I made new felt teeth and he was happy to be a shark again. I took him to the local mall for a quick trick or treating session and then we met up with his little pal C (big green butterfly) and they went on a running tour of their neighbourhood until they collapsed with thirst and hunger and exhaustion - those candy bags were heavy!

And on the way home, T announced he would go trick or treating as a shark forever! So maybe there will be another sighting of the rare Horseshoe Bay shark next year.

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