Tuesday, November 16, 2010

4 and a half world

T is such a funny boy. In a sweet, crazy, wonderful, little boy way. He is very proud that he is 4 and a half. He tells everyone. I do mean everyone. In line ups, at soccer, at swimming (where he also announces that he's a killer whale), in the park, - you get the picture. He gets so excited about ordinary things which makes our life so much more fun. A couple of weeks ago, we had an unexpectedly glorious fall day (weather forecast had been rain) so we were headed to the park to play and he announced from the back seat "it's a beeyewtiful day." Or when he skids across the kitchen floor on his knees and bounces up and says " that was amazzzzing!" And if he bumps into the cupboard while doing it, he bounces up and says "I'm ok. I'm not hurt." Last week there was a huge rainbow that I followed all the way to pick up T and the kids at daycare were so excited when I told them there was a rainbow - they all stood in the doorway watching it. T tried to watch it all the way home - until it was covered by a cloud. And every night now he gets excited to see the moon. He's not so crazy about it being dark early. "Why are the days getting shorter?"

Tonight he told me the dog could not sleep on his bed. The dog was only allowed to sleep on his sleeping bag. We don't have a dog. T asks for one all the time. As in "why don't we have a dog yet?" We tell him our cat is anti dog and she's old and wouldn't appreciate a new addition to the family. She's still getting used to me. So then he tries to talk us into getting a bunny. A nice, soft bunny. "Wouldn't that be fun mummy?"

We got a Max and Ruby movie from the library a couple of weeks ago. T thinks Max is funny and tricky. So he says to me " mummy, if Max lived in our world, me and him would be friends because we're both tricky and we both like chocolate and trucks." Ah - the essence of friendship!

And then there is the soundtrack. Lately he's been singing "yellow submarine" and "it's a long way to tipperaree" - and when he first sings them he is astonished to find that D and I know the words. And as Christmas is coming the other day in the car I got the kid version of "jingle bells" - the one about batman and robin....

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