Sunday, November 21, 2010

hello winter

 Our boy has been waiting 2 years for snow - he loves the idea of snow - snowball fights, building snowforts and snowmen and going sledding. We had a snowy Christmas 2 years ago but last year we didn't get any snow. Apparently it snowed one morning but I was away that morning and where I was it didn't arrive until after I left so I didn't see it- all good with me. But yesterday we woke up to a skim of snow in our garden and snow on our neighbour's grass which meant that there was snow on the soccer field so no soccer for our boy yesterday.

 And no standing on the sidelines freezing for D and I. So we took our boy visiting. And there was snow to play in at his uncle's house which made a boy happy.

And cold. So he had to warm up with warm hot chocolate - perfect!

Meantime it was a perfect day for me to continue crafting. I just got a new order of wool felt in time to make gifties for christmas so I've been working away. First was a charity mouse

- this was a prize in an auction to raise money for our chuch - the tag in the pocket reads - made with love. The potholders and mug cozies are based on patterns in Kata Golda's book.

 - now I just have to whip up some goodies and I'll be on my way - I'm thinking ginger shortbread, maple fudge, and peppermint bark but as I always have grandiose ideas before christmas - I'll see how far I get....

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