Saturday, September 18, 2010

portobello mushroom burgers

I've been meaning to tell you all about these since I first made them based on this post. For some reason I actually made them prior to the posting date as Ree was updating her website and the original posting came and went and came back again but in the meantime I had made them which seemed a bit odd but all worth it. I've made these a few times now but this is the first time I've managed to get pictures before they were all devoured. D always looks a bit hopeful as he finishes his last bite, as though maybe I have more stashed away somewhere! And any leftover basil mayonaise that happens to be lying around makes a wonderful dip for veggies or chips so it doesn't last long.

The basil mayonaise was revelatory.

Who knew that my store bought hellman's and handfuls of basil from the garden could mingle together so magnificently. Which now has me plotting on the best way to bring in my basil plants and protect them all winter so I can keep eating this. I did, the other day, come up with some other ideas that could also work in this burger - roasted garlic mayonaise or roasted pepper mayonaise - we will have to see how I manage with my basil.

I am really grateful that although it has been a bad summer for tomatoes (unless you love green ones!) and not so great for zucchini in my garden - I have had lots (and lots) of basil which I've been using for these burgers and for pasta and summer hash and on corn and salad - so much so that I still haven't made any pesto...

But back to the burgers - for 2
4 portobello mushrooms (similar size if possible)
2 kaiser or onion buns
2 slices provolone cheese (I've also used Havarti - see note at the bottom)
2 slices prosciutto
a couple of dollops of mayonaise
a handful of fresh basil
olive oil or butter

Add a couple of good sized dollops of mayonaise to the bowl of a food processor. Add the basil leaves and pulse until combined. Set aside. Add a couple of tsp of oil or butter to a saute pan which will fit all 4 mushrooms (if smaller you will need to do them in batches). Lay the mushrooms in the pan, top side down and cook over medium heat for ~ 10 minutes.

Flip them over and cook for another 5 minutes. After a couple of minutes place a piece of cheese over 2 of the mushrooms. Stack one naked mushroom on the top of a cheese mushroom and set aside. Do this for the other two mushrooms. You can slightly toast your bun halves in the same pan (to soak up any residual mushroom cheese bits) or heat in the oven. Once the buns are ready, spread the basil mayonaise liberally on the top and bottom, slide a mushroom duo onto the bottom, and top with the prosciutto slice and the top of the bun. Eat.

A note - the first time I made them with Havarti cheese and no prosciutto - and while good, we did have a bit of an issue with the mushrooms sliding out of the burger with every bite. This seems to be much less of an issue using the provolone and the prosciutto - so you are warned.

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