Sunday, September 26, 2010

missing the fruit stand

Last weekend my fruit stand closed for the summer. It's not really mine, I just stop there a few times a week for fruit and assorted veggies and although I've been dropping by for a few years now, this year I got to know the guys who run it a little bit. T would ask as I picked him up " are we going to the vegetable man today?" - because when cherries were in, it meant T filling a bag of cherries and the two of us eating them on the way home. Over the summer, I had to clean pits out of the car on a regular basis. D was lucky to get any that were left by the time we got home.

We started back in June with strawberries, hot house campari tomatoes and peppers and soon there were raspberries, blueberries, nugget potatoes and then came plums, cherries, beans, peas, cucumbers, currents, gooseberries, peaches, corn, nectarines, apples and in the last week, eggplant. Last Saturday I picked up corn, fall raspberries, strawberries and potatoes. The stand was the only place I found selling fall raspberries and ever-bearing strawberries so we had our last local strawberries and raspberries last Saturday and Sunday. But this year, I froze and canned some of the fruit at it's peak so we'll have some to see us through the rainy season (s). Thanks Brian and John for a wonderful summer of fruit and vegetables!

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