Wednesday, March 17, 2010

bees and things

T is in love with his new present. His cousins sent him a bee light for his birthday and he LOVES it. It's a crank light so it doesn't need batteries so we love it too. And it is very cute !

Last week it was D's birthday and I took T shopping for a birthday card. While I was perusing the card racks for something not to nauseating to give D, T found a Lego City earthmover. Grr, the toy rack is right next to the card rack. I told him I wasn't going to get it for him. He then piped up that he wanted to give it to D as his birthday present. So it came to be that D came home from work to find a box wrapped in Winnie the Pooh paper (T's choice) and T hopping up and down for D to open his present. Here it is, all assembled.

So T is learning that if you give someone something you really want for yourself, you might get to play with it, but it also belongs to the other person and you have to live with that.

A number of people (you know who you are) have commented about the sorry state of our tea cosy - aka the lovely pink cat tea cosy. So I whipped up a new one, from instructions on Martha Stewart Living and here it can't see but it has a sachet of lavender hidden inside to release a lavender fragrance when placed over a hot tea pot!

And finally, as I sip my tea on this St. Patrick's Day evening, here is the cake I made for preschool today (I'm going to get a reputation!) - gluten free chocolate cake with buttercream frosting - the green is sanding sugar I coloured with green food colouring - and for extra kid pleasing I added green gummy bears and the only green Smartie I could find in our big Smartie bag.

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