Saturday, October 10, 2009

snapshots from the oregon coast

We spent a few lovely days in Cannon Beach, Oregon this week.

The minute we arrived at the Inn, T wanted to go to the beach. So I took him down, with his backhoe, and he dug on the beach for a few minutes while the sun went down.

Three lovely sunny days, with some mist on Wednesday morning and fog on Thursday but no big wind or storms which was what D really wanted. T and I waded in the surf everyday but the water was freezing.

The rest of the days were filled with walking the long stretches of beach punctuated by lots of digging in the sand. D and T made a big sandfort and T spent lots of time demolishing the walls.

Every night I would shake out a few pounds of sand out of shoes, clothes and wash off more in the bath. Some of this year's memorable moments include a seagull coming up and pecking at my toe, and the mooing of the Cannon Beach fire warning system - the mooing cow means it is a test!

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