Saturday, October 17, 2009

rainy saturday

The rain was pouring down when we were awakening by T's thundering feet down the hallway. It always makes me laugh when I hear the expression, the pitter-patter of tiny feet, because in our house it is more like the thundering rampage of a herd of elephants - all from one three plus boy! T announced that the rain was really loud and it was - sheets of it banging against the roof and the garden and the skylights. After a cuddle, we got up and ran around getting ready for swimming at 9AM. T had a great time jumping and splashing and diving. His poor instructor has to spend a lot of her time getting him to sit down on the steps or to join the circle but she said he listens to her so hopefully it is ok.

We ran errands after swimming and were home, with groceries unpacked by 11 AM!

I made a big pot of baked beans from the America's Test Kitchen recipe. Bacon, onion, molasses, mustard, salt, beans and water all simmered for hours in the oven, spreading sweet molasses smell all through the house. And now a big pot of delicious beans to eat.

I made vegetarian moussaka for supper, followed by peach galette. D liked the galette - half of it was gone this morning! (Either that or the cat has taken to eating pie!)

While the beans were cooking, D played trucks with T. I put together train tracks and T made a super long train to chug around them. And then we played hide and seek. T doesn't quite get the hiding part yet - he usually tells us where he is going to hide and gives himself away by giggling madly the whole time or yelling "are you coming to find me?"

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