Monday, October 19, 2009

self discovery

Yesterday, I was in the laundry room folding another load of little boy laundry when I hear T calling me from the bathroom. I go to see him standing in front of the mirror with his shirt held up. "Mummy, what are these?" he says, pointing to his chest. I explain what they are. He says, "how long have I had them?" I tell him, "since you were born". He doesn't look convinced but gets distracted by a truck going down the street or the cat racing past.

At dinner, he lifts his shirt again and says to D "look Daddy, I have these". So we tell him, we all have them. He repeats the word several times and finally ends up calling them "nimbles". "We all have nimbles?", he asks. I look at D and mouth, "I'm not showing him mine!" D lifts his shirt to show T his "nimbles". T's comment, "Daddy, yours are much bigger than mine!"

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